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The teenage angst that human children go through is roughly equivalent to what pet parents can expect from their adolescent german shepherd. Beginning with the onset of sexual maturity and lasting through the first two years of his life, your puppys hormones will rage uncontrollably unless he is neutered early. Around 5 to 6 months of age, the german shepherd puppy should enter the adolescent stage, which coincides with the hormonal changes associate with sexual maturity. This stage is quite long, estimated to last until the youngster reaches 2 years of age in a breed as large as the german shepherd. Until recently, there was a common consensus among veterinarians and breeders that it was best to neuter a german shepherd after 8 weeks but before 6 months. Neutering before a dog reached full sexual maturity would cause less growth problems and would prevent deadly prostrate cancers from developing. In many respects your german shepherd puppy is now a small adult. The heart rate has decreased again to about 70 bpm and by the end of this month the gsd puppy should have a full set of adult teeth. Also an important milestone german shepherd females reach sexual maturity and have their first estrus (heat) period. Here are some important milestones that a german shepherd puppy will go through at this stage have all puppy teeth (3 months) improved motor skills (3 months) begin getting adult teeth (4 months) sexual maturity period 6 months 16 months. As you already guessed, this is the point at which your german shepherd will reach sexual maturity.   social maturity takes more time to achieve than sexual maturity. In the beginning of social maturity dogs will begin to display more mature, adult social behaviors. This time is thought to vary between breeds and from dog to dog and to occur anywhere from 12 36 months of age, especially in the larger breeds such as german shepherds. At this point of a german shepherds growth, they tend to stretch into sexual maturity. However, they might easily get distracted, so you need to be very careful when they are around other people or animals. Sexual maturity in puppies can happen before your puppy is fully grown, which can be dangerous for females. Therefore, the akc recommends waiting until after your females first heat to breed her.

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